Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dinosaur | Allosaurus

First look at the Allosaurus for The Orion Project.

Dinosaur | Triceratops

Here is the first look at the new Triceratops for The Orion Project.
  • She will support the same archetype (Tank).
  • Even more devastating than before.
  • Powerful new Artificial intelligence.
  • Brand new animations.
  • Brand new mesh and details.

More information regarding Dinosaur species will release periodically over the next few months.

Dinosaur | Raptors

Here is the first glimpse at the new Raptor for The Orion Project:

Raptors in ORION will differ heavily from the swarm-type of Raptors that made their debut in ORION: Dino Horde.  The differences include:

  • Highly intelligent.
  • Work in packs of 4-5 (instead of 30+).
  • Jump & Leap abilities.
  • Fatal attacks.

More information regarding the dinosaur species featured in ORION will release over the next few months.

News | Welcome to Orion

Welcome to Orion.

Upcoming posts will discuss:
  • The scale and scope of "The Orion Project".
  • In-depth look at what is planned for the first release.
  • In-depth look at what is planned for post-release.

News | The Orion Project

A massive interactive Experience is coming:
  • Seed.
  • Modular.
  • Long-Term Commitment.
  • Massive Shared Experience.
More details coming in the near future.