This game will be treated very much the same way ‘ORION: Dino Horde' was in that it will mature, grow and evolve over time.  Some of the best content came after it's initial release including Open World Gameplay, Sentry Turrets, Melee Combat, 10 Playable Dinosaurs and so much more.  This same mentality will hold true for The Orion Project and it will do so in a much more expansive way.  


A BRAND NEW EXPERIENCEThis is something that has been designed for nearly two decades now.  This is the most epic experience that we will ever deliver.  We will have other games and designs that are amazing products for amazing value but in the overall grand picture this will be our largest endeavor that we ever take upon ourselves.

All developers are fully aware that with our commitment to this project we may very likely never make another game again.  This game will require literally everything we have financially and mentally and it will be our immediate and distant future. 

We all understand and are willing to dedicate ourselves to this for what could be up to the next 10 years - a period of time which eclipses the 3 years of post-release support we are already dedicated towards ‘ORION: Dino Horde’.  Luckily, they all didn’t think I was insane and were on board for what we believe could be one of the greatest experiences of all time through any media.

This is going to be a real-time, interactive, cinematic, open-galactic adventure.  This is not a locked or linear-focus experience in which you participate by simply watching unfold.  This is going to be an experience that is you, involves you and is about you.