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In 2001 a wonderful new instrument was born. Most people call it “Hang”, the name given by its Swiss inventor meaning „hand“. The harmonic sounds of this almost “UFO-looking” instrument quickly spread around the world. Depending on the producer and country where the instrument is created, different names were applied and vary from Handpan to Pantam or Caisa. 
The instruments’ soft tones bring a magical feeling of balance, completeness and deep relaxation upon its listeners. 
In the far middle east, a love-story between a man and his hang began. Haim who consciously decided to leave the business world behind, left for an unknown journey together with his hang named “Orion”. From that day on Haim and Orion were an inseparable team. What he learned and experienced in the month to come changed his life forever. Ready to conquer the world one step at a time, the journey lead them from Israels deserts to the highest mountains in Switzerland – with many powerful experiences along the way. Various artistic branches evolved over time. What started with the unification of Haim and Orion, became a powerful collaboration with other musicians such as violin-, drum- and guitar players as well as various singers. So the name Orion Project unfolded.
The latest technical excursion combines smooth electronic background beats with life music.
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