How Sound & Vibration Can Elevate Your Life

Practice of Mediation

We’ve all heard of how meditation can alleviate stress. How it can help us attain a state of peace and inner clarity.  Through breath, self-awareness and presence we have the ability to positively enhance our mental, physical and emotional well-being. To help us more easily achieve this meditative state of mind we can employ specific sounds and music. When played live in a group setting these sounds can greatly assist us on our inner journey, enabling deeper, more positive transformations.  

We (The Orion Project) are professional musicians offering a sacred space where participants can meditate for themselves while benefiting from the collective energy of the group. Together we create a platform where we can enhance our overall
well-being and create positive change in our lives.

We warmly invite you to one of our events.

- Reduces stress and anxiety

- Increases mental clarity and focus

- Strengthens the immune system

- Enhances self-awareness

- Improves sleep

- And much more...

“Peace comes from within.
Do not seek it without.”
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Our meditation live set is a sound surfing ceremony that contains many different music styles from all around the world. This includes many genres and instruments which we tune to the right frequencies to help your mind and body reconnect. The beautiful meditative hang tones are played live along with other percussion, classic guitar and guided spoken words to ensure a wonderful and different experience to bring thought and movement into the NOW!

Guided Mediation



Meet the


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Orian Bartov

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Chaim Mataora

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Michael Morris