Dream Chimes | the Instrument

Dream Chimes Mini has a gentle high- pitched, bell-like tone with a relaxing timbre and long lasting sustain. It is perfect for meditation sessions or yoga classes and can be a great addition to your house entrance, office, studio or workshop.

This instrument is made of Oak wood, the aluminium tubes are held by a very durable string, it is tuned to concert-pitch by craftsman at 1TONE workshop.

The Stairway Mini is played by gently striking the chimes with the mallet.

Please note that the original mallet will produce the right tone, striking with other mallets might lead to an unpleasant timbre.


CHF 189.00Price
  • width

    height Length
    2.5 cm  cm 30 35 cm


  • width

    height Length
    2.5 cm  cm 55 35 cm