Black Steel Singing Bowl


Our singing bowl is made of steel. It has a deep and relaxing low tone which is perfect for meditations, yoga, sound showers etc. This bowl is super easy to activate, to produce the warm-low sound just rub the edge of the bowl with it’s mallet in a circular motion. The higher overtones can be sounded by gentle strikes.


This steel bowl is heavier than most Tibetan/Asian made bowls, which are usually made of brass based alloys. The heavy weight of the bowl gives it it’s unique sound and timbre, this also improves stability while the instrument it is being played.


The soft ring that comes with this bowl is used as a platform for the instrument, it is made of EPDM rubber which provides fantastic grip with the surface, allowing minimum interruption with the bowl’s vibration.

The bowl comes with a mallet and a spacer-ring. The mallet is coated with rubber.

The low tone is tuned to B3 and first harmonic is tuned to E5.


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Singing bowl

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