earth music
Great to have you in on this journey!
Taylor Rankin (Bermuda / Japan / Canada), his violin Leroy and Chaim Mataora (Israel / Marokko / India) on Pantam have been gathering sonic and human connection throughout the globe. Earth Music we call it. Part storytelling, part improvisation. Haim and Taylor adore bringing you to a place where sounds, taste, smells, emotions and breath collide. Watch and listen as Leroy the violin springs forth melodies and sounds from all over the world (gypsy, reggae, klezmer, arabic, classical, irish, appalachian, blues and more) 
and makes sounds you didn’t think could come from a violin. Taylor draws you in with a combination of accents, sounds and half language using all his energy and his entire body. Chaim, steadily brings his never ending exuberance, and meditative beats on the Pantam/Hang Drum. These two musical travellers will share their joy and sparkling chemistry they have between each other bringing you to a place where groove, genre and words become one thing - pure connection and expression.
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Violin & Pantam/Hangdrum