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Made by hand tuned by heart


The Dream Harp is a melodic musical instrument with a pleasant, long lasting sound. This instrument is suitable for therapists in the fields of Music/Sound Therapy, Guided Imagery, Healing, Yoga and Meditation classes.

Floating Chimes

The Floating Chimes is a vibro-acoustic musical instrument designed to be played in water it can be used in a bath, in pools, or at the sea The floating chimes are great for meditations and yoga.



This simple and super easy to handle flute is the perfect gift - only played by one finger, but bringing magical sound
to your every day moment of bliss.
Feel inspired and read more in the video below. 

Singing Bowls

This steel bowl is heavier than most Tibetan/Asian made bowls, which are usually made of brass based alloys. The heavy weight of the bowl gives it it’s unique sound and timbre while also improving stability during the time being played.

FunTone Models

The “FunTone” is the latest model of our steel tongue drum. Our premium “Pro” model is harmonically tuned, having two partials (overtones) tuned to each note.


The Zen Canoe has a gentle bell-like tone with a relaxing timbre and long sustain. It is perfect for meditation sessions or yoga classes.

Play Anytime Anywhere!
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Saxmonica Pocket Saxophone

Plays like a sax - and sounds like a sax!
This unique Saxophone is your best friend traveling because of his light weight and easy way to store in a small bag of only "13inches". Enjoy beautiful moments playing music in remote places where this little friend will accompany you!